Contrary to popular belief, flyers are not dead in the water. Yes, we have the phenomenal power of social media which cannot be denied but a good marketing campaign contains a mix of approaches and flyers should definitely not be ruled out as an effective way to reach your audience.

Great things about flyers:

* you can be as creative as you want – no word image ratio restrictions here

*people can actually hold the flyer – this is half the battle in getting them to engage

*they’re measurable. Add a coupon code and straight away you have the power to measure your flyer’s success

*the cost is manageable and there will be no temptation to add another £20 to the campaign cost – once it’s printed it’s printed

*you can hit people in a lot of different areas with them – door to door, retail spaces, trade inserts, on the street

So what do you need to do to create a flyer that floats their boat? Have a look at my Kwik Tip video which should give you some food for thought and if you would like more tips on flyers then get in touch with me today.